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Meet Naomi

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I’ve been working as a ceramist since 2020, throwing and handcrafting all kinds of pots in my home shed-udio down at the bottom of my garden. I’m often assisted in my studio by my Dog - Smudge or my three chickens - Pumpkin, Tallulah and Buttercup.


I have always had a passion for art and all things handmade and after learning the art of ceramics during my university degree I knew this was a craft I wanted to pursue further.


Working with clay feels right. The way a ball of earth can be transformed into a beautiful object that can last forever is incredibly magical to me.


I have loved exploring multiple different techniques to curate long lasting sentimental pieces. The slow and intentional process of sculpting designs made up in my mind leaves me feeling so inspired especially when moving from one technique to the other.


I’m so excited to be sharing the pieces I’ve poured my heart into and releasing them for sale. 

My loves...
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This is my husband - Naz. He's often with me on Market days and does lots behind the scenes helping me out.
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